Buckhall Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Buckhall Volunteer Fire Department is to provide fire and rescue services to the citizens of Prince William County and surrounding jurisdictions, in conjunction with the Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue. This combination of volunteer and county personnel is intended to be a cost efficient means of providing the essential service to the community.

Contact Information


7190 Yates Ford Rd, Manassas, VA 20111

Phone Number:

(703) 368-0859

About Buckhall Volunteer Fire Department:

The Buckhall Volunteer Fire Department (BVFD), located at 7190 Yates Ford Road, Manassas, Virginia 20111, in the mid-county area of Prince William County, is dedicated to the preservation of the lives and property of both its residents and visitors. Since 1983, the BVFD has provided emergency medical and fire suppression services to the county and the surrounding localities through volunteer and career staffing of two engines, two ambulances, a brushtruck and a hazardous materials containment unit. BVFD is devoted to supporting the community it serves through outreach and special events such as barbecues, Fire Prevention and EMS Week open houses and station tours, the annual “SantaFest” and public education.